Self-Determination in the Law – Yale University Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics’ Summer Institute Guest Lecture

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So, You Want to Work Like I do?: Tech and Tips for the One Man Office – Hispanic Business Summit 2013

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The Humanity Behind the Mask: A Story of Tax and Betrayal – A Powerpoint Presentation 1.0

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Hip-hop and Other Professor’s Pedagogy – A Powerpoint Presentation

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The Reality Behind Your Web Presence – A Powerpoint Presentation

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Syracuse University College of Law Outlines 07-10

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As a gift for the ages, this is an entire 170k’s worth of outlines at Syracuse University College of Law. Without them, a lot of patience, and an endless cup of coffee I would have never graduated. I recommend them as a last resort. They are fairly concise and are best looked at to help generate questions regarding issues you may have missed. Best of luck.

I do ask that if you use these please contribute your own. Contact me with the button above and we’ll ensure you get credit for your philanthropy.

Surratt – Spring 2010
Books: Waltz, Park and Friedman – Eleventh Edition
Lilly, Capra and Saltzburg, Principles of Evidence, Fifth Edition
Outline [PDF]

Germain – Spring 2003
Outline [DOC]

Administration Law
Criddle – Spring 09
Book: Michael Asimow and Ronald M. Levin, State and Federal Administration Law
Notes [DOC]

Intellectual Property Law
Lape – Fall 09
Book: R. Merges, P. Menell, M. Lemley, Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age (Aspen Revised 4th edition 2007)
Outline [PDF]

Patents and Trade Secret Law
Dolak – Fall 09
Book: Merges & Duffy, Patent Law and Policy: Cases and Materials, 4th Ed. (LexisNexis 2007)
Outline [PDF]

Professional Responsibility
Rabin – Spring 09
Book: Gillers
Outline (Mostly complete) [PDF]
Issue Walkthrough [PDF]
List of Giller Problems [PDF]

Trademark and Unfair Competition Law
Rochford – Spring 09
Book: Beverly W. Pattishall, David Craig Hilliard, Joseph Nye Welch
Outline [PDF]

Internet Law
McGuire – Fall 08
Book: Bellia, et al., Cyberlaw: Problems of Policy and Jurisprudence in the Information Age
Outline [PDF]

Communications Law
Reed-Huff – Fall 08
Book: Stuart Minor Benjamin, Douglas Gary Lichtman, Howard Shelanski, and Philip J. Weiser
Outline [PDF]

Property Law
Reed-Huff – Spring 08
Book: Rabin, Kwall & Kwall
Case Summaries [Word] – Outline [PDF] – Life Estates [PDF] – Fee Simple [PDF] – Subleases and Assignments [PDF] – Remainders [PDF]

Constitutional Law
Maroney – Spring 08
Book: Stone, Seidman, Sunstein, Tushnet and Karlan, and Chemerinsky
Outline [PDF]

Wiecek – Spring 07
Book: X and Chemerinsky
Outline [PDF]

Constitutional Law 2
Bender – Fall 08
Book: Araiza, Haddon and Roberts
Outline [PDF] Cases [PDF]

Criminal Law
Chhablani – Spring 08
Book: Dressler
Case Summaries [Word] – Outline [PDF] – MPC [Word] – Types of Homicide [PDF]

L&P Special Education
Kanter – Spring 08
Book: Field, Kaplan and Clermont
Case Summaries [Word]

Ellison – Fall 07
Book: Murphy Speidel and Ayres
Case Summaries [Word] – Outline [PDF]

Bender – Spring 12
Book: Bender, Calamari, Perillo, and Brown
Notes Archive [Zip]

Kader – Fall 07
Book: Franklin, Rabin and Green
Case Summaries [Word] – Outline [1 PDF] [2 PDF] [Legallines PDF]

Civil Procedure
Colares – Fall 07
Book: Field, Kaplan and Clermont
Case Summaries [Word] – Outline [Word]

DD-WRT v. Linksys Pre-N Router: A Research Project

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This is a Group Graduate Student Paper written to cap Dave Molta’s Wireless Networking course at Syracuse University’s Information Studies school. The work was done by myself, Michael Fleishman, and Jerille Lowe.

The results show that DD-WRT outperforms Linksys stock firmware in a variety of capacities.

Despite my struggles with the course Dave Molta is one of the finest professors at the Information Studies school and wasa great deal of help towards our team. We are given permission to shut down an entire university building’s network as to have unfettered access to broadcast and record our transmissions.

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